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An offer that touched hearts

We are proud of our contest that attracted a lot of good hearts, and we must say our offer did not leave Canadians indifferent. We have collected a lot of money for the foundation of “mother-child university hospital centre.” Our promotion of child and parent welfare is not ending here.

Best chance to sing again

Many of you asked us to launch a new contest, and we did! For those of you who registered online in the first half of 2019, we have good news! The show must go on and it will.

We realized that Canada has a big heart and a lot of good singers! Therefore, we decided to have another welcome offer and it will be:

  • Free of charge except for donations
  • Presents upon registration before the deadline
  • No deposit (just give your donation with Interac if you wish to)

Top prices for the winners

The finalists will be announced online and fast! We have a top list of trusted judges, and we are making sure to keep the results safe until the official announcement. The prize is the chance to sing with a professional and to be part of the first half of a big concert! For any artist, this is a great opportunity and nobody would like to miss it!

Do you have to register?

You can participate without registration and for that, all you need to do is to fill out the form below.

Just add to the comments that you have no account with us.

To join the contest, we need to know your music genre and the name of your band, or stage name if you have one. Tell us also which artist you compare yourself to:

Another offer for your happiness

Because we specialize in welfare and well being, we have an offer for all the newcomers. Subscribe to our newsletter to get a badge that we normally send to our donors. Why do we do it? Because we want to spread the word and happiness!

May the contest begins!

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